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Is it possible to get an exchange or refund on any items?

For obvious health and hygiene reasons we are unable to accept any returns as once this has been in your possession they cannot be resold.We have to be extremely strict with this policy as I am sure most customers would not like to have purchased a product of this nature when someone else has already owned this as unfortunately we are unable to accept everyone’s claim that their item remained unopened and unhandled as most of our stock does not come sealed in a way to prove this. Please understand we have this policy in place to protect you our customer and your health and wellbeing.

Do you refund sale items?

No we do not refund or exchange items if they do not fit, or if you have changed your mind. So please take your time and choose carefully.

What if I received the wrong item from the one that I ordered?

In the event that we have delivered you the wrong item that you did not order you need to contact us at and let us know which item is incorrect. We will then notify you of how we are going to rectify the problem.Please keep in mind that we will only be able to replace the incorrect item if the product has not been opened and it must be in its original packaging. Items must be sent back in the same condition as which you received it from us. We cannot accept item back once the package seal has been open/or broken. Please notify Your Pleasure by email quoting invoice number and a return authorization will be given.Your Pleasure must be notified within 3 days of you receiving the item. Items returned without a return authorization will not be accepted.Remember do not open the package if you notice the item is incorrect.

What if my item is faulty?

We aim to provide our customers with products of the highest standard and quality. If you have received an item with a defect, please contact so they can work with you to resolve the problem as swiftly as possible. Please note that we’ll need a photo or two showing the defect/fault, which will speed up the returns process for you.

Before Returning Your Adult Toy:

Before returning a faulty toy, may we first ask you to follow a few simple testing points as follows.

- Make sure you are using the correct batteries

- Make sure the batteries have been inserted correctly

- Try new batteries

- Make sure battery connectors are not wet or have moisture

What if my item has a genuine manufacturing fault?

If your item has a genuine manufacturing fault please notify quoting your invoice number and description of fault. Your Pleasure must be notified within 3 business days.

What is NOT a genuine manufacturing fault?

Using a product incorrectly, not using in the way the product was designed for, accidentally damaged, dropped, misuse, water, moisture incorrect power supplied, battery failure, spoiled etc.

What if I don’t have the original shipping packaging?

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for safely packaging your return, to ensure we receive the items back in tip-top condition. You need to return the item in the same condition just like how you received it. A customer service team member will get back to you to discuss the problem. They will give you a return authorization number. Items returned without a return authorization will not be accepted.The return item must include all of its original packaging and swing tags.On receiving the returned product it will be immediately examined. If we found the product has a genuine manufacturing fault an identical replacement product will be sent (if we have a replacement in stock or you would be offered a credit or full refund).If the returned product is found to be not to have a genuine manufacturing fault you will be contacted by email. A handling fee of $10.00 + re-shipping cost will be applicable and this will be required to be paid by you before your product is returned.We recommend using recorded delivery as we at Your Pleasure cannot be held responsible for any item lost in the post.A replacement product will be shipped freight free.

For all orders with an approved RA number - Returns Address: P.O. Box 263, Bonnyrigg, NSW 2177.

If returning a product, please make sure you include a cover letter with the following information:

  • Return Authority Number (RA Number)
  • Order number
  • Customer name
  • Your contact details (postal address, phone number)
  • A detailed reason for the return – what exactly is wrong with the product?
  • A print out copy of any correspondence with our support staff relating to this return

Items returned without a return authorization will not be accepted.


How will I know Your Pleasure has received my returned items?

In the unlikely event that you don’t receive an email from Your Pleasure advising you of next steps with regards to exchange within 10 days of posting your parcel to us, please get in touch with our Customer Care Team and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. If you have returned your parcel using a service that can be tracked, please give us the reference number when you contact us at

How can I track my order?

When we process your order for postage, you will receive an email containing a tracking ID. You can use this on our website to track your parcel.

Will I have to sign for my delivery?

Yes, you will have to sign for your package on delivery. This is for everyone’s security and makes sure that no one else will be able to receive and open your package.

What is the postage & handling charge for orders?

We have a standard flat rate for all postage within Australia. The cost of postage is $7.50 no matter how many items you purchase. If you purchase more than $125.00 worth of products your postage will be free of charge.

Who do you use for delivery?

All items will be delivered by Australia Post no matter where you live within Australia. Your will be notified once your item has been dispatched. You will be sent a tracking number so you will be able to track the progress of your package

What if I am not home when my package arrives?

Australia Post will deliver the parcel to your address. If you're not home when it arrives, they will leave a card notifying you of the missed delivery with instructions you will need to follow. Australia Post will take your parcel back to your local Australia Post Office. You will then need to go and pick up you package from the Post Office. If you do not pick up the item within the time frame stated from Australia Post the package will be sent back to our warehouse.

Do you ship to PO Boxes ?

Yes we do.

What will the package look like when it arrives?

Your items will come in postage bags featuring either Australia Post name only or in a plain bag or package, so no one will know where it has come from or what is inside. Your parcel will be addressed with the exact address you entered in the shopping cart. The senders name on your parcel will show Shavas Trading and not Your Pleasure.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We aim to deliver your order within 2 business days of the order being placed, within Australia however delivery within metro areas could take as little as 2 business days. If your order has not arrived within the allocated timeframe or you have any queries relating to delivery, please email us at

I have not received my items yet. What can I do?

Please allow up to five business days for your order to arrive. You are able to track the status of your order using the Tracking ID sent to you in an email from Your Pleasure. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.


When can I expect new products to be listed on your website?

We are constantly updating our product range as new lines are released and as we stock new brands. The best way to make sure you will never miss new stock is sign up to become a member and we will notify you when we have listed new stock.

Is there somewhere I can go to view the product prior to purchasing?

Unfortunately, we do not have a retail store and for safety reasons we cannot allow customers in the warehouse. We do however have Your Pleasure home parties where you and your friends will be able to touch and try a wide range of items.

What kind of selection do you have?

We try and cater for everyone and their needs. We are always sourcing new stock and the team is busy uploading new arrivals online. That is why it is so important to sign up to our newsletter and exclusive sales.

Is it safe to use my credit card on your site?

We strive to ensure that every credit card transaction occurs within a secure environment. Your Pleasure payment system has a 128-bit SSL security encryption. We do not retain your credit card information after your order is complete. Rather, it is submitted directly to our banks. You can rest assured that with each purchase your credit card or bank account information will be secured.

How do I know if my new toy comes with batteries?

Due to the fact that we are purchasing products from different suppliers and not all suppliers supply batteries with their products Your Pleasure will clearly state in the description of each product if does or does not come with batteries. You will be able to purchase batteries from our website. To keep pricing as low as possible we will be selling batteries separate. You can decide whether you would like to purchase the batteries through us or you can choose to shop around for your own batteries.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept credit card payments using VISA & MasterCard only. We also accept VISA and Mastercard debit cards or make it easy and checkout with Paypal. Your card will be debited once the order is placed. Please note the transaction will appear on your statement as Shavas Trading.

How do I unsubscribe from your mailing list?

Please open an email sent to you by Your Pleasure. At the bottom of the email you will see a button that reads 'Unsubscribe to Newsletter'. By clicking on this button, you will be unsubscribed to future Your Pleasure mail outs. Remember, our newsletter is the best way to find out about new products, sales and special members discounts.

Are your prices in Australian Dollars (AUD)?

Yes, all pricing is in Australian Dollars.

Do your prices include GST?

Yes, all prices include GST.

Do you match prices if I see an item on sale elsewhere?

No, but we do our best to ensure we have competitive prices. Your Pleasure will use its best endeavours to list Products with the most competitive prices. Our products are sourced from within Australia and international markets and as such some may not be available for sale in Australia. This means that there may be no Australian recommended retail price for some products. Where we have been able to establish that a product is for sale in the country, we have used that products market price as the recommended retail price. In other cases, a recommended retail price has been established by converting the price in the market from which the goods were sourced into Australian dollars.


How do I contact customer care?

Simply visit our contact us page to send an email or you can email us directly at

Do you hold or reserve items?

Unfortunately you cannot ‘hold’ or reserve products online.

How old do you have to be to buy sex toys?

Yes you have to be 18 or older to place an order

Do you have a layby system?

No, unfortunately we do not offer a layby




Silicone is a very durable material so it can be easily cleaned with soap and water, boiling to disinfect will not harm it and it can even be placed on the top rack of the dishwasher. Do make sure that the entire product is silicone and that it does not have any plastic parts. Anything that is on the device that is not silicone could be damaged and in this particular case a cleaning with soap and water will be all that you can do. Even though silicone is very durable it can crack and a crack can lead to a tear, so be careful with nails and teeth when you are handling silicone.


It is important to know that latex can be severely damaged by anything that is oil or petroleum based. Latex is primarily used in condoms and dental dams. Use only water-based products with latex (find latex lubricants here), store anything latex away from heat or direct sunlight and discard latex products after use. 


Rubber is a very porous material, so as previously discussed, the easiest way to keep them clean is with a condom. Clean all rubber products after use with soap and warm water. They need to also be rinsed well as the left over soap residue can cause damage to the rubber and also irritate the skin.


There are two types of vibrators - waterproof and non-waterproof. If you own the waterproof variety then the vibrator can easily be cleaned with soap and warm water. If the vibrator is not waterproof then you have to be very careful not to get water in or around the motor or the batteries. Don't ever immerse a non-waterproof vibrator in water. If it is the hard plastic model, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol to clean and then let it dry and air out. Never use a non-waterproof vibrator under water and don't take an electric vibrator near the bathtub or any other body of water. It can cause electric shock just like any other electrical appliance.


Glass and Acrylic toys are durable and ultra-modern. These types of materials allow for easy cleaning and are non-porous which is, again, great for hygienic purposes. Glass Dildos can be visually pleasing, but make sure to get a product made of durable glass. The material can be lightweight but is best suited for those looking for a firm toy. Lots of lube will definitely add to a slick and sensual experience. The surface is smooth and is something that you'll actually want people to find on your bed stand. Acrylic is a form of special plastic; it can be very beautiful as it has visual properties similar to glass.


Leather is a very difficult material to keep clean because of all the irregularities of the material. To clean leather, first wash the edges with a strong foaming cleaner and a brush, then wipe down all of the surfaces with hydrogen peroxide and allow it to dry.  Follow this by using saddle soap for an additional cleaning. The last process is using a leather conditioner to restore it back to its natural finish. The leather conditioner is an absolute must because without it the leather will begin to dry out and crack.  This process does not work on suede



When you receive your toy make sure you check the entire toy. Check to make sure there is no damage, sharp or rough edges that could cause you injury.

If you Sex Toy comes with instructions it is important to READ them.

You may think you know all about the Sex Toy but you need to know what the manufacturers states and you may find some useful tips regarding using the toy.

It is a good idea to let your new toy sit in the fresh air to due to the odour it may have from being in its plastic wrapping.

You must only use a Sex Toy for its designed purpose.

Never use your Sex Toys on areas that are cut, inflamed or irritated

Always use new batteries with your new toys. This will help with the performance and the speed of your toy which in return will increase Your Pleasure. 


Different toys use may use different types of cleaning products. Always read the instructions carefully.

You should always clean any new products you receive. We strongly recommend that all your toys be cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner.

You should wash your toys before and after every use with anti-bacterial cleaner

Always remove the batteries from your toys when storing or cleaning your toys.

Make sure that your battery operated toy never gets the battery compartment wet.

You need to make sure that if you have a battery operated waterproof toy the battery compartment is secure before you place it in or under water to clean.

If your toy is not waterproof then you should take extra care when cleaning to make sure the battery compartment does not get water inside.  


If you are going to share your toys between friends or use the same toy vaginally and anally, the most reliable way to prevent the spread of any disease is to use a condom, it will substantially reduce the risk of STDs.

Remember you still need to change to a new condom each time you are changing the toy from partner to partner or anally to vaginally or vaginally to anally.

Even if you are using a condom over your toy you still need make sure you clean your Sex Toy after each use.

It is recommended that most Sex Toys should be used with some form of lubricant. You need to check and see what type of lubricant is best suited to your actual type of Sex Toy. By using the incorrect lubricant may damage your toy or even worse cause harm to you.

Water-based lubricants are best suited on a wide variety of toys.


Always clean your Sex Toys properly before storing them.

Avoid placing your Sex Toys near heat, sunlight and hot areas.

We recommend that you remove batteries from all battery operated toys when not in use.

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